Affording college or even junior college is hard. It takes a doctoral degree to understand the complexity of FAFSA. Almost as hard is understanding the world of acronyms and names college scholarships and grants. We have several ways to help:

  1. The Idlewild Foundation offers scholarship as well as aid for vocational or technical school aid to active Idlewild members with a financial need. Click here and learn more.
  2. The Idlewild Foundation has help from Mary Bendickson, a retired college academic dean who understand all the FAFSA, Pell Grants, and more. Call 813-264-8713 to set up a time to meet or speak with Mary. She can and will help.
  3. There is an independent website which is a commercial website but has helpful information for foster and former foster children who want to work towards a better life. Go to Education Loan Finance. Never sign anything or take any loan or refinance any debt without substantial independent counsel, but this site has good information of FAFSA, Pell grants and scholarships available for children in or who have aged out of foster care. Always view the offerings of a commercial site with caution, but there is helpful information here.

A very high percentage of children in foster care want a better life and want to go to college. Unfortunately, the reality is that only about 3% actually gain a four year degree. Life is expensive and the realities of paying rent and just eating can take up every dime. With scholarships there is hope. And combining Jesus and hope gives foster children a realistic opportunity to have that better life.