Our ​Mission

Our mission is to give ourselves daily to help each one live in the rescuing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this effort we are working with over 30 foster families with over 50 foster children (and quite a few adopted and biological children as well), offering support to each participating Hope for the Orphan family and child.

Half of the families licensed to foster quit after their first placement. Why? Often because they feel unsupported – being a foster family can be a tough journey. There are emotional challenges, huge time commitments and the system is tough to navigate. A lot of support is needed. We want to support the families and the children.

Join the Movement


The most important act of support is for you to pray for the parents and families inviting foster children into their homes and families and for you to pray for the foster children themselves.

Care Communities

A Care Community is a group of friends, neighbors and family who pray, provide occasional meals, send cards, watch the children when needed, and a lot more, providing a community of essential support.

Support Group

You are not alone! Meet once a month with other foster parents so you can pray, share, and help each other. Be with others who face the same challenges and help each other in a support group.

Guardian ad Litem

A Guardian ad Litem is a volunteer advocate for the foster child in all areas of life. The GAL program helps foster children and, in turn, The Idlewild Foundation supports the guardians in their service to hospitalized foster children.

More Support

Hope for the Orphan and The Idlewild Foundation together provide a wide array of support; ZooTampa passes, Florida Aquarium passes, a Valentine’s celebration, swim lessons, haircuts, back-to-school support, Christmas gift cards, birthday cards, and a lot more.

Contribute to Fund 1:27

Nothing in our world is without cost. The Idlewild Foundation created Fund 1:27 to help support the foster care ministry at Idlewild Baptist Church and in the Tampa Bay Region. All donations go 100% into ministry.

A Foster Family Story



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